The Death of Batman: If Marvel Told DC To Jump Off a Bridge, Would They Do It?


The answer to this question, ladies and gents, appears to be YES. I just learned from another blog, quoting Comic Book Resources, that DC will be killing off Bruce Wayne in the comics sometime next year. Apparently we’re supposed to take some comfort that the mantel won’t stay empty and that one of the Robins will be taking Batman’s place, […]

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Ghost Hunting Gadgetry: Part 2


So you have your EMF meter, motion detectors, infrared thermometer and infrared flashlight, right? What else could you possibly need for a successful ghost hunt? Plenty, really. All of the aforementioned gadgets are great and useful in and of themselves, but they will be of little use if you don’t have any way to capture and record anything they might […]

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After Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Batman, What’s Next For Lego Video Games?


Lego managed to successfully follow up its highly entertaining and replayable Lego Star Wars games with Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures. It plays with the same format as the Lego Star Wars games, looking almost like another sequel than a brand new game, but including new elements that make sense for Indiana Jones, like searching for tools to unlock […]

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Fans Make Brilliant Superhero Costumes For 2009 Superman Celebration in Metropolis, Illinois


A while back, I wrote a travel blog about my trip to Metropolis, Illinois, the official home of Superman. I enjoyed it so much I decided I had to go back for the Superman Celebration, a four-day festival held in June every year. I only went Saturday, but that was the day with the most events and definitely worth the trip. The Superman […]

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Leonard Nimoy Interview Just Before This Weekend’s Trek Expo in Tulsa


Finally, the event I’ve been waiting for all year is finally here! This weekend, I’ll be heading out for the first time to Tulsa, Oklahoma to attend the 20th annual Trek Expo. It will be, by far, the largest convention I’ve ever been to. Its headliner is Leonard Nimoy, and there’s a very impressive list of guests besides, including Avery […]

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